Tribe of the Ring Fort

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Hope for Internet Access (Barry)

When we last left our protagonists, they appeared to have been doomed to no internet access. But now there is hope. It turns out that, according to another DSL-based internet provider, our line is DSL-capable. We've scheduled them to get out to the house "within 10 days" (now 6 or so) to confirm that our line is good and turn us on. Their initial line test was positive, but they do disclaim tht they can't be sure until they're out at the house. So we are not yet completely sure. So we are in a little place I like to call LimboHell. Due to this, and the ongoing job search for both of us. Not a comfortable place to be.

If it works, we're told there'll be no problem connecting the voice terminal to access our Vonage internet phone. And we'd be back in phone touch with our friends and family. Believe me, no one wants that more than us. I'm giving it an even chance or better. If we have success, we'll be going on a calling jag of dionysian proportions....


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