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Monday, February 13, 2006

Union Elementary School, Montpelier, Vermont

These pictures were taken in Mrs. Mello's classroom on December 22. This is Susannah's kindergarten class. We will take some pictures of her class here in Ireland, too. The biggest differences between the 2 schools are that uniforms are worn, and there are seperate boys' and girls' schools (on opposite sides of town, no less). Susannah fit in pretty easily to school here. The two classes were at about the same place academically. The school day here is 1 1/2 hours shorter, but there is homework every night.

Room 9 daily board

Susannah's mom reads an Irish legend to Xavier, Sean, Angus, Curtis, Henry, Matthew, Ruby, Mrs. Philibert, Ella, Zoe, Susannah, (Riley and Jalen are hidden), Mrs. Mello, Jack, Logan, Hunter, Amanda (Alyssa wasn't there that day)

Susannah's dad teaches everyone to say "Go raibh mille maith agat", which means something like "a thousand welcomes" which is a way of saying 'best wishes'.

Room 9

Jack, Jalen

Matthew, Riley

Curtis, Logan


Susannah, Mrs. Mello

Angus, Henry

Xavier, Sean

Zoe, Ella, Ruby

Susannah, Mrs. Mello, Amanda, Angus

Snack time: (clockwise from left) Ella, Susannah, Matthew, Zoe, Riley, Curtis

Snack time: (counter clockwise from left) Zoe, Logan, Hunter, Amanda, Ruby, Jalen, Jack

Snack time: (clockwise from left) Sean, Xavier, Henry, Angus


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