Tribe of the Ring Fort

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Susannah Nightinggale (Barry)

Sung/spoken, in a sunny sing-song while skipping around the sitting room:
“Her leg got blown up, got blown up…
cuz she’s got a leg infection, leg infection…”
(now speaking)
“Come here [doll name I now forget], yes, this is the medicine.”

A Bit of Internet Cultural Bias (Barry)

I believe every web service or site I’ve registered with contains a required ZIP or postal code field, clearly meant for 5 or 6 digits. Ireland doesn’t have such codes. Instead, designated sections of the town/city are used; for example, Greenville for our part of Listowel. So now I’ve got some doofy-looking addresses on this or that site. Yahoo, for example, which claims I’m from “Listowel, Greenville, Ireland,” a place that doesn't actually exist.

(Of course, this could also be a sign that I need to put more effort into using Irish-based services. I’ll have to try a bit more due diligence there.)